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Galaxy GTX275
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The overclocked card with three huge fans - the most we've seen yet!


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Graphics cards are one area where it's a little tricky to innovate - apart from PCB redesigns there's not too much different about them - except for cooling.

Most stick to single fan or dual fan designs, and we've found them to be quite good at keeping things nice. Galaxy, however, thought differently.

Their offering is the GTX275, a GT200-based card containing 240 stream processors and a cut-down memory bus of 448-bit. Essentially a single core from a GTX295.

The cooling is the special part - a giant Arctic Cooling heatsink allows the card to be pre-overclocked to speeds of 650Mhz on the core (which admittedly is rather tiny, being only a 17MHz increase over the stock 633MHz).

Three 92mm fans do the job, and make the card physically huge too - this takes up three slots, and is similar in length to a 8800GTX Ultra.

Head into the gallery to see more pics of this gargantuan card, and keep your eyes open for a review in an upcoming Issue of Atomic.


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