InFocus IN3106 Projector

InFocus IN3106 Projector

A wonderful high-end projector, with support for DisplayLink technology

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With most laptops sold now boasting widescreen TFTs, it makes sense for your business projector to display at the same aspect ratio. Thus, the InFocus IN3106 displays a native 1280 x 800, at a decent 3000-lumens brightness. Neither of these, surprisingly, is the headline feature: the IN3106 aims to simplify projector setup by including support for DisplayLink technology.

It's remarkably simple. Just plug one end of the USB cable into your laptop, slot the mini-USB end into the projector, the driver automatically installs itself, and that's it. Video and audio are transmitted with zero fuss, which reduces cable clutter for laptops without HDMI output. And HD video was displayed with only the tiniest amount of slowdown in particularly dynamic scenes.

The IN3106 comes with an HDMI port, too, plus two VGA inputs and a loopthrough output for monitor connection. S-Video and composite complete the video ports, and there's a pair of 3W speakers for adding a bit of life to those dull slide marathons. They're far louder than any laptop speakers, and do a pretty good job of producing a well-rounded, full sound.

As you'd expect from a projector costing more than $2500, display quality is excellent. The automatic keystone-correction worked flawlessly, focus control was precise and responsive, and we had no desire to alter the colours or brightness from their default settings.

A low-power mode is offered, lifting the lifespan of the lamp from 3000 to 4000 hours, and it made so little difference to the overall brightness that we left it on throughout our tests. The internal fan is audible - and slightly whiny - under normal use, but this eco-mode allows it to slow down to a barely noticeable hum.

The projector itself is fairly chunky, but retains some sense of style - a touch-sensitive control panel is hidden on the top of the body, glowing into life when needed. The OSD menu is intuitive and comprehensive, too.
The only real complaint we have about the InFocus IN3106 is the price, but if that gets us 720p video running smoothly over USB, with flawless colours and the brightness for both well-lit offices and dark rooms, then so be it. A superb projector.

This Review appeared in the April, 2009 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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