Toshiba Satellite P300


Superb speakers, a whopping 640GB of storage and decent core components make this a solid choice

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Price: $2035
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Price 2035
CPU model/brand Intel Core 2 Duo T9300
CPU speed 2.5hz
Along with the Dell XPS M1330, this is the only laptop on test this month that creeps below the $2100 mark. Not by much, though, with the Satellite P300 coming in at a still-pricey $2035.

Compare the two cheapest machines on test, though, and it’s clear that the Toshiba is the more striking of the pair. There’s a large 17in screen, and a glossy finish to the chassis that includes a row of white LED lights above the keyboard and dramatic lines across the wristrest.

The P300 also includes the best speakers we’ve laid ears on this month. Provided by audio specialist Harman Kardon, they provide more bass and clearer treble than anything else on test.

Toshiba also takes a different approach to the keyboard, with the keys having a high-gloss finish that makes them feel a little odd to type on. The 17in screen offers acres of space, with a comfortable 1440 x 900 resolution, but it lacks the VAIO’s vibrancy.

Inside, there’s an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 processor, which runs at 2.5GHz. It propelled the Toshiba to a score of 1.11 in our 2D benchmarks – but it’s some way behind the fastest laptops here. And for playing games, the Toshiba also lags behind its rivals with a score of 15fps in our medium-quality Crysis benchmark.

The rest of the specification is much better. A 250GB hard disk provides plenty of storage space, but it’s not top of this month’s selection of laptops, while a 2GB of RAM is firmly average.

But battery life is disappointing: while the 3.5kg P300 won’t be straying from the mains too often, it’s disheartening that the Toshiba lasted under two and a half hours in light use, and just over an hour in our heavy-use test. The Acer and HP machines, both of which are larger, offer better longevity.

But don’t be fooled: the Satellite P300 is a genuinely good laptop. Its entertainment credentials are improved by superb speakers, and considering its spec it also offers reasonable value for mone

This Review appeared in the December, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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