Lenovo X300


Light, packed with features and with superb battery life: the ideal business notebook.

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Price 2781
CPU model/brand Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100
CPU speed 1.2Ghz
The svelte Lenovo X300 isn’t much thicker than the impossibly slim MacBook Air, but its tiny dimensions hide a much more capable laptop that’s ideal for business use.

The chassis, despite its slightly staid, retro style, is crammed with useful ports, features and touches: a fingerprint reader, TPM and bundled port replicator will prove useful for business users, and an embedded HSDPA modem is a useful addition alongside the now-ubiquitous 802.11 draft-n.

It’s surprisingly tough for such a slim package, too. The thin screen showed
a distinct lack of flex compared with the flimsy panels of the Asus U6 and Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P8010. And the rest of the machine is just as sturdy.

Inside the chassis is a selection of decent components. The SL7100 processor runs at only 1.2GHz, but it’s a low-power part that contributes to superb battery life and portability. And performance is still good enough to cope with business tasks.

Battery life, more importantly, is excellent, with the Lenovo providing the best results in the Labs. In our light-use test, the X300 lasted a fantastic 6hrs 21mins, and 1hr 56mins under heavy use.

Keen business travellers will also be pleased to find that Lenovo’s keyboard and mouse arrangement is superb. Keys have plenty of positive, comfortable travel, and there’s a choice between trackpad and trackpoint for mousing.

Multitaskers will appreciate the X300’s screen. While other similarly-sized notebooks – such as the 13.3in-screened Dell XPS M1330 – have native resolutions of 1280 x 800, the Lenovo has a more spacious 1440 x 900.

The X300 also includes the only solid-state hard disk on test. Far more secure than traditional hard disks – there are no moving parts to go wrong – the 64GB of storage space can also be accessed more quickly than platter-based drives. The downside is that it adds cost to the laptop and storage is limited.

But the X300 is worth the extra cost. Fantastic battery life and superb ergonomics all combine to produce the best business laptop money can buy.

This Review appeared in the December, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

Source: Copyright © Alphr, Dennis Publishing

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