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Slow speeds and a high price make this an underwhelming offering

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Part code 557268 Price - $219 Delivery from $19 Supplier Manufacturers website Basic warranty 1yr Dimensions 170x 170 x 33mm 3G access Pc card (vodafone only) Wireless standard supports 802.11bg Network sockets 4x10/100 ethernet, 1xWAN Antennae type 1x exterior Antennae socket type RP-SMA Antennae gain (each) 2.2dBi Cables and accessories 2x ethernet cable Software & setup wizards Wiazard on device
Die-hard fans of Wi-Fi might recognise the WRT54G3G – this is an updated WRT54G with a PC Card slot for a 3G Vodafone modem. The original WRT54G was released all the way back in 2003, but has retained a surprisingly impressive list of features, even if it fell behind in our speed tests. It was slower across the board, failing to beat 10Mb/s in all but one of our tests.

Its small files test, conducted a room away, was particularly unimpressive at 6.2Mb/s. Pair it with a fast HSDPA network such as BigPond, which reached speeds of up to 6Mb/s in our download test, and it’s possible that a few users could completely saturate the Wi-Fi connection, leaving the WRT54G3G the slowest link in the network.

The WRT54G3G is otherwise solid. It’s the only router on test to include a WAN port, so you can connect it to an ethernet-enabled modem to share an internet connection. You also get four 10/100 ethernet ports, and like all of the routers on test the antenna is removable, giving a potential increase in range.

It’s also the only router here to include a pair of ethernet cables – the models from Telstra and D-Link content themselves with one. The integrated web server is easy to navigate, and includes support for QoS and UPnP, so modern internet applications should have no trouble.

The WRT54G3G’s price lets it down. We could live with the speed, but at $219 – and locked to Vodafone – this can’t compete with the faster, cheaper D-Link offering.

This Review appeared in the November, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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