Sony KDL-20S4000, the perfect second Bravia?

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Sony KDL-20S4000, the perfect second Bravia?
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Is there a market for 20-inch TVs? Sony's KDL-20S4000 looks unique, and you can carry it around the house.

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1366 x 768 LCD panel Integrated HD Digital Tuner BRAVIA Engine 2 3 x HDMI Inputs Theatre Mode 24p True Cinema BRAVIA Sync Improved Advance Contrast Enhancer MPEG Noise Reduction 1080p Signal Capable
At first glance, $799 seems incredibly pricey for what is essentially a glorified LCD, though it's worth considering that some LCD picture frames retail for more than $200. And with this, you're getting the full Bravia TV experience.

Sony is pitching this at the kitchen or bedroom, but it would fit anywhere around the house. This would be the perfect fit for an early adopter who already has a large size HD TV, and is looking for a classy 2nd screen.

Out of the box, this Bravia made an instant impression in the PCA Labs - you'll either love or hate the candy-coloured scheme. Tech enthusiasts might shudder, but female reactions to the screen were very positive. There's a black option if pink isn't to your taste.

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Perhaps the Sony Bravia KDL-20S4000's biggest selling point is its unique curved styling and colour options

Our first impressions of the picture quality are very good - Blu-Ray playback of Casino Royale was superb with 1366 x 768 more than enough at this small size, and 24fps meaning the Bravia handled challenging action sequences well.

The entire unit weighs 8Kg without the stand (it's relatively easy to lug around), and is 1080p signal capable.

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The KDL-20S4000's complement of I/O ports includes twin HDMI and component (plus an extra HDMI on the side)

You can find cheaper, or better value TVs than this. Kogan's $599 19inch all-in-one wonder springs to mind. We also saw the larger LG 26LC7D advertised online for $889.
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