Corsair Mini Voyager 4GB

Corsair Mini Voyager 4GB

It's like the Tardis: small on the outside, but extremely capacious on the inside, with 4GB storage and some classy touches that make the Corsair Mini Voyager a cut above regular USB flash drives.


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Although we have seen slightly smaller flash drives than this, all have sacrificed a certain amount of durability for compactness. This one, though, has a soft rubberised coating, which should protect it from knocks and bumps, and the USB plug can even be retracted to protect itself when in a pocket or bag.

And should the weather take a turn for the worse when you pull it out, it’s water resistant, too. It’s also Tardis-like: small on the outside, but extremely capacious on the inside – the 4GB storage is enough to carry thousands of photos, about 1000 MP3s or even a few movies.

Considering the storage capacity, and the tiny size, $36 is a remarkably reasonable price and on a par with other, much less portable drives.

This Review appeared in the October, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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