First Look: Logitech’s V450 Nano Laser mouse

First Look
First Look: Logitech’s V450 Nano Laser mouse

Logitech extends their solid reputation by creating a highly sensitive, portable mouse for notebooks with the V450 Nano Cordless laser.

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12 months battery life, laser, storable receiver, PC/Mac compatible. 2.4Gz cordless
Not every mouse is created equal (just ask Disney). There are mice and then there are mice, like this laser tracking mice, the V450 Nano.

This Mouse tracks like a guided missile; it’s sharp, sleep red curvature makes it the SS-18 of mice.

Old vs. the New
While many of us are still content to use our old optical mice, most of us will find no amazing reason to switch over to the speedy new world of high sensitivity, laser guided, ergonomically styled mice. But if you had to be swayed, and had $$ sitting around, the V450 would be a prime candidate for the ‘next step up’.

Let’s face it: the old computer mouse, the most humble of peripherals is not the kind of device we replace often. It’s always going to be a challenge for manufacturers to convince mouse luddites that their worth upgrading, especially if they are not into gaming or graphic design applications. If you’re already using your mouse in one of those key areas, then a laser guided mouse is virtual slam dunk.

But for the rest of us, is it still worth the upgrade?
It will take you a less than 2 minutes to setup the V450, and it offers a powerful 2.4Gz cordless signal that fires up via a receiver that uses an overly long tentacle-like USB cable to connect to your computer. An optional nano-receiver allows ‘plug and forget’ functionality for your notebook and hides away discreetly in your notebook’s USB slot.

We tested it half-way across our office and the laser beam had no problems with multi-directional capabilities and handling. The mouse kept on tracking flawlessly, no matter how far we moved it away from the receiver. It also worked well on a range of rough and smooth surfaces.

And even Mac geeks are properly catered for. The V450's pickup range is highly responsive. A gentle push of the unit and your mouse tracker swishes across the screen.

The V450 is light and portable, and then again, maybe too light – a slight drawback if you’re penny pinching and looking for excuses. It’s designed for notebooks, which explains why it's light, but this highly sensitive computerised rodent offers a feather touch that is slightly difficult to get used to after years of optical mice.

The V450 features smooth, rubberised sides to aid hand movements and ergonomic stability and offers a 12-hour battery life.

It could have been slightly larger, but that’s not to detract – this mouse is primarily designed for perfect portability. Next time you’re out mouse hunting, give the Logitech V450 Nano a look.

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