i-mate Ultimate 6150

i-mate Ultimate 6150

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Imate used to rebrand HTC devices but is now making its own. The Ultimate 6150 is its top end business, WM6 Professional-based smartphone. There’s no keyboard, if you need one choose the numeric-keypad-sporting but otherwise similar 8150 model. It’s 3G and supports HSDPA and in most respects resembles most other WM6-based smartphones.

However, it does have two tricks up its sleeve. One is a video out connector with D-Sub and 3.5mm audio jack. With this you can give presentations or watch videos at up to 1024 x 768. However, doing so turns the phone’s screen off so you can’t navigate by touch screen, just a mini joystick and jog dial which is a bit tricky. Don’t think of it as a mobile video player though as our high bitrate test movies were very juddery.

Also of note are i-mate’s new i-Q features. These let you (or your company) customise and administer the phone. Via a simple web interface you can access things like Exchange server and other remote email settings or customise applications.

Of particular use are the security features which allow you to lock your phone, wipe all data from it and/or sound an alarm whenever it’s turned on. If the phone is then retrieved you can then quickly download all of the original customisations and start working again.

Other features include a front mounted camera, two-megapixel rear camera, FM radio and a 2.8in screen. Everything ticks along nicely thanks to a 520MHz processor and there’s a side-mounted microSD card slot for storage. Talk time is stated at 4hrs with a six-day standby time but we couldn’t test this as our test unit was a pre-production model.

Ultimately, we prefer the swisher HTC p3600i (web ID: 101264) which supports GPS. However, if you’re tired of lugging a laptop round for presentations or you’re rolling out a fleet of business phones with sensitive data on them, it will prove tempting.

This Review appeared in the March, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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