Denon’s wireless earbuds will make your workout sound a whole lot better

Denon’s wireless earbuds will make your workout sound a whole lot better

Who needs AirPods when you’ve got earhooks?

Denon knows a thing or two about building audio gear that sounds pretty swell - from hi-fis to headphones - and it’s channelled that know-how into the AH-C160W.

Its 11.5mm drivers, for example, should deliver great audio across the range - even if snappy names, it seems, are still elusive.

The C160Ws pack earhooks loop around your head-flaps to keep things secure. These come in three sizes, too, so you should be able to find a comfortable fit, however hefty your head. Throw in secure silicon tips and some nifty memory foam tech, and you’ve got a recipe for going-nowhere headphones.

The AH-C160W is built to cope with your salty fluids, too: the Comply tips, for example, are treated with SweatGuard to keep them clean and fresh, while the internal tech and electronics are all moisture resistant.

Sure, you won’t be able to take them swimming, but they’ll more than handle a spring shower.

Denon’s active ‘phones have controls built-in, which talk to your phone via Class 1 Bluetooth for easy answering. Better still, Clear Voice Capture smarts should eliminate background chatter and make your breathless panting a lot clearer for your chatter partner.

Class 1 Bluetooth is high-powered stuff, so you’ll be able to bury your phablet in your favourite running sack and still enjoy quality sounds and on-tap chat.

We’ll need to get properly out-of-breath with the $US150 AH-C160W to test things such as battery life, but these could well be some of Denon’s best ‘buds to date. And, given that they're released today, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out.

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