Apple fuels rumours of wireless charging for the iPhone 8

Apple fuels rumours of wireless charging for the iPhone 8

Tech giant joins Wireless Power Consortium.

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, strengthening rumours that the iPhone 8 will feature cordless charging.

Eagle-eyed observers spotted that the tech giant is now listed as one of 213 members of the consortium, though it is not a member of the steering group.

Rumours that Apple wants to build in wireless charging to its new flagship phone have been flying around for a while, but this news adds weight to the suggestion.

The Wireless Power Consortium centres around a standard called Qi, which the organisation claims is embedded in 1,343 products now available.

Instead of relying on power cords, Qi is "truly wireless", incorporating both inductive charging, where a device sits on a transmitter, through which the charge is passed to receiving coils built into the device, as well as resonant charging, which allows the transmitter to charge a device up to 45mm away.

Wireless Power Consortium's Qi technology

While Apple was purportedly working on building long range wireless charging into the iPhone 8, through a possible partnership with a company called Energous, a probable September release date may make achieving that unlikely. However, it is still likely to include a less ambitious version of the technology, according to multiple reports. That may or may not be based on Qi.

IHS Technology analyst Vicky Yussuff suggested (via 9to5Mac) that consumer appetite for wireless charging in the iPhone 8 is high, saying: "The success of wireless charging adoption from Apple's competitors is something that Apple can no longer ignore. IHS Technology consumer survey data shows over 90% of consumers want wireless charging on their next device."

An Apple spokesperson told Business Insider: "Apple is an active member of many standards development organizations, as both a leader and contributor. Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards. We look forward to working together with the WPC and its members."

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