Myzone Sports Bra supports and tracks you!

Myzone Sports Bra supports and tracks you!

Is this the beginning of an underwear intelligence race?

Myzone - not to be confused with the sports drink of the same name, though that is an easy mistake to make - has just announced a new smart fitness tracker. But it's not one your strap to your wrist.

It's a bra.

The Myzone Sports Bra does away with the need to wear a supporting bra and an annoying heart-rate monitor strap at the same time, combining the two into a single item of clothing. The sports bra can track calories burned and heart rate via built-in electrodes and a seperate module that connects to your smartphone or watch via Bluetooth. It can also store results in its onboard memory.

Because the bra is closer to the heart, it delivers 99 per cent more accurate results, and the Myznoe app can connect you to friends so you can compete anywhere.

“The app can be truly motivating for users because it monitors effort as a percentage of potential, which means no matter your level of fitness everyone is on the same playing field in the app," said MYZONE Director Asia Pacific Michael Jordan in the official announcement. "In order to compete you just need to workout more than you have before and exceed your own potential.”

The Myzone Sports Bra is available now from for $69.99.

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