Hyper PixelCast 008

Hyper PixelCast 008

Another even number brings another new host. This fortnight sees podcast regular Jason Imms step up to the plate, and he uses his seat of power and command to dictate that one and all must discuss the role of main characters in videogames. He also somehow powers forward with the first successful video call, and strange as it seems to say, the results can be heard.

The accompanying panel consists of the likes of Jessica West, Ken Lee and none other than Lizzie-awarded Games Journalist of the year, Patrick Stafford. A man who not only writes features and gets prizes, but also persevered through hour-long podcasts with a sore throat. Bravo, sir!

Please note that Hyper’s podcast comes with an explicit language warning. Those who feel that certain words are inherently evil may wish to avoid listening.


You can download the podcast directly (.mp3 file) through the player below, but please also subscribe to the Cast on iTunes! That way, you will automatically download new episodes as soon as they’re live on the site. Alternatively, hit up the RSS feed.

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Games: Wolf Among Us, Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs

Music: Sub Funk (by Fatal Force & Prohaud)

Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams (by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc)

Pat's dulcet tones courtesy of Ken's tone factory

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