Nvidia flaunts Tegra 3's gaming capabilities

Nvidia flaunts Tegra 3's gaming capabilities

The graphics giant struts its stuff with some eye-watering screenshots

Nvidia has added fuel to the Asus Transformer Prime hypometer by releasing impressive screenshots of Android games optimised for its beastly Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Not only does the Tegra 3 chip pack twice the power of its predecessor, but some clever core optimisation means that the shiny new processor will suck up less power too.

The extra grunt allows for effects like motion-blur, environmental damage and enhanced water rendering to be present in titles such as Shadowgun. There are more screenshots here if you fancy some extra eye candy.

At this rate, next year's Christmas wish-list will be littered with 12-core monster devices with enough power to run Crysis in 4K resolution – we hope.

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