Texas Memory Systems announces solid state storage array

Texas Memory Systems announces solid state storage array

Storage company claims reduced power and cooling costs with new flash storage array.

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has launched a 1U storage array built around SLC flash storage.

The RamSan-710 can use up to 5TB of Toshiba 32nm SLC flash storage. Wear-levelling helps prolong the life of the flash chips, while on-board RAID protection helps prevent data loss caused by hardware failure.

There are also on-board batteries to ensure an orderly shut down in the event of a power loss.

TMS claims the RamSan-710 has an expected lifespan of 10 years, thanks to its Series 7 Flash Controller, which is based around a PowerPC processor.

The Controller also uses a proprietary ECC error correction algorithm, as well as the company's Variable Stripe RAID technology, to intelligently bypass faulty flash storage chips.

TMS claims file transfer speeds of 5GBps since the RamSan-710 has four 8Gb Fibre Channel ports, as well as QDR InfiniBand ports for connecting to your SAN. TMS also said the RamSan-710 could write 270,000 IOPS, although the company didn't state whether this figure was for sequential or random writes.

Building a storage array around expensive flash storage may seem like a luxury, but Mark Peters, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, thinks otherwise.

"Flash storage is no longer just a tool for those in the rarified IT atmosphere, but is rapidly becoming a standard real-world enabler of both better performance and improved economics," he said.

The RamSan-710 should be ready for delivery to customers in four to eight weeks.

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