Spotted at CES 2011: Guess what this device does

Spotted at CES 2011: Guess what this device does

It looks like a car part, but is designed to hook up to your iPod or smartphone. Click to see what it does.


Called the nPower PEG this metal cylinder is a “personal energy generator” which generates a charge as its moved. The idea is you connect one end to your iPod, and stick the cylinder in your backpack, and it will keep your music going as long as you walk or run or ride.

We’ve seen various approaches to this sort of idea before, like portable solar chargers like the Power Gorilla, it’s the first time we’ve seen the PEG. The downside is PEG won’t cope with big devices like laptops. But for small devices with USB, it might be a handy way to keep your gadgets going if you’re constantly on the move.  

We’re told the PEG will take about 20-30 minutes of use to be able to charge a smartphone for 1 minute. Not exactly impressive, but potentially handy if you’re stuck in the wilderness without power. If you’re using an iPod, the people behind PEG claim each minute of use will keep your device going for a minute.


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