Your odds of seeing an iPad? 1 in 100

Your odds of seeing an iPad? 1 in 100

1.2% of Australians have a tablet PC, according to research from GfK, with that number likely to rise to around 12.5% over the next year

A study of 12,000 Australians conducted by GfK found that 1.2% of them had purchased a tablet PC (read: iPad) in the last six months. GfK estimates that 188,000 Australians have purchased tablet PCs, based on the results of the survey. 

The survey was conducted online, using Lightspeed Research. That may skew the figures for ownership and prospective ownership slightly upwards, but it seems a good guide as to how many online Australians will be considering a tablet PC.

Around 900 of the survey respondents said they were "likely" or "extremely likely" to buy a tablet PC over the coming year.

In contrast to previous surveys of iPad buyers, the people considering purchasing or already owning Tablet PCs were predominantly around 25-35, and living in metropolitan areas (Sydney and Melbourne, in particular) 

GfK asked those likely to purchase a device to nominate what uses they would put it to - with 18 possibilities provided. Those surveyed nominated an average 12 uses, with web browsing, email and social networking the top three chosen, and reading eBooks a lowly 11th on the list.

Of those who had already purchased an iPad, GfK asked what they used it for, but unlike those intending to buy, users had no pre-populated list to choose from. Surprisingly, those surveyed nominated only three uses, on average, with web-browsing top of the list, and playing games coming in at number two.

GfK also noted that 4 out of 5 Australians were already aware of what a Tablet PC was, with 1 in 8 stating that were intending to purchase one within the next 12 months.

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