You're the voice? You could be, with TomTom

You're the voice? You could be, with TomTom

John Farnham is famous for "You're the Voice", but now it's your chance to be the voice of Australia, thanks to TomTom

In the US, it's Snoop Dog or Mr T who will read out your turn-by-turn navigation. In the UK, John Cleese's plummy tones will alternately cajole and berate you towards your destination.

But here in Australia, TomTom has decided not to spring cash for a big celebrity. Instead, you could become the celebrity voice of Australia, telling people where to go for TomTom's next generation of navigation devices.

We can't help but notice the current lack of female celebrity voices - surely there would be huge demand for Nigella navigation? Regardless, TomTom is seeking both male and female voices that can represent Australia to the world.

Step up and do your bit for Australian voices - all you need to do is head to and record a short grab of directions. There are daily TomTom XL 250 GPS giveaways for the best entry, and the overall winner will receive $10,000.

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