Corsair announces high-end solid state disks

Corsair announces high-end solid state disks

Memory maker Corsair has unveiled its flagship Force Series line of Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

The company said its Force Series SSD products are built for high-performance use in PCs and has given these models the catchy names F60, F120 and F240. The F60 has a capacity of 60GB, and so on.

Each SSD has 285MB/sec read speed and 275MB/sec write speed and uses a Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processor designed to provide higher endurance and better ECC data protection.

Corsair said it worked in tandem with Sandforce to tweak the firmware to guarantee fast random write performance of 180 MB/sec using 4,096 byte blocks. All the models have the same performance specifications.

"We have had excellent feedback on our Force Series F100 and F200 from both reviewers and customers, and we are excited about expanding our Sandforce-based offerings," said Jim Carlton, Corsair's vice president of marketing. "These solid-state drives are an excellent option for any enthusiast looking to build their system using the best storage system performance that is currently available."

Corsair didn't go whole hog and offer a 480GB capacity model in its Sandforce based SSDs. That gives Other World Computing (OWC), which did, a few months grace to sell its Mecury Extreme Pro line of SSDs without much competition. It's not like Corsair to miss a gap in the market and the company possibly could have made some more money from early adopters with wads of cash to burn.

The SSDs are due out later this year from resellers but Corsair hasn't put price tags on them yet.


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