Samsung to take on Apple with iPad competitor

Samsung to take on Apple with iPad competitor

Samsung joins a long list of other IT companies in the race to create a rival to the iPad, as we wait for Apple's new baby to arrive in April

APC have reported that Samsung will release a PC compatible tablet (also commonly known as a 'slate' in the industry), possibly running an Intel chipset, instead of the ARM based CPU used by the Apple iPad. More so, the device will be PC-centric and serve as yet another alternative to the hyped Apple device.

The tablet's existence has been confirmed by Emmanuele Silanesu, national product and marketing manager for Samsung Australia's IT division. 

In the article, Silanesu predicts that the tablet will likely be released in the second half of 2010, some months after the initial iPad launch in Australia - but will it come too late?

Samsung are not the only company hoping to capitalise on the new fascination with tablet computing devices.  Last month, Kogan announced their intentions to release a $199 tablet in April, while a number of other big hitters, including the likes of Dell, Microsoft and HP are all readying similar devices for market.

Some conjecture over the usefulness of tablet devices still exists; are they web browsers or oversized TV remotes? In a month's time, the world (and Samsung) will have a clearer insight into the real appetite of the buying public when it comes to the true marketability of 'tablets' and 'slates'.

Whether it's all just hot air or a must-buy device, time will tell.

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