Microsoft shows off Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series handset

Microsoft shows off Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series handset

During a presentation at MIX 2010, Microsoft has demoed a new Windows Phone 7 Series handset from Samsung, making it the third official WP7S device to be shown off

Microsoft has shown off a new Windows Phone 7 Series device during one of its MIX 2010 sessions, and never wanting to be left out of a loop that LG is in, the latest offering is from Samsung.

Referred to as “a slate” by Joe Belfiore, vice president and director of Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft, the handset joins the LG QWERTY slider announced a few weeks ago, and the Asus prototype handset we saw all the first demos on at MWC, as the confirmed Windows Phone 7 Series devices so far.

Talking about the Samsung slate, Belfiore said it had “terrific camera”,  adding that Microsoft was “excited about the photo capabilities in Windows Phone 7 Series devices” and that this one would be one that excelled in this area.

No specific specs were given but we would expect it to pack Samsung’s Super AMOLED tech as seen in the recently-announced Wave handset, and of course will have to match up to the WP7S minimum spec requirements, which were also clarified during the session.

These include 3 hardware buttons on the front for start, search and back, a capacitive touchscreen with 4 or more contact points, a choice of either 800x400 or 480x320 screen resolutions, a minimum of 5 megapixel camera with flash and dedicated cam button and 256MB RAM on board with 8GB storage.

Each will also pack A-GPS, accelerometer, a compass and a proximity sensor as standard.

Similarly to the LG, we’re still waiting on official names and specs for this mysterious new Samsung and we’ll be keeping you updated as soon as we hear anything.

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