IMPS Chapter 2 finally out!

IMPS Chapter 2 finally out!

The latest chapter in the ongoing story of the best damn job in the galaxy...

It's been an awfully long time coming, but the second chapter of IMPS: The Relentless has been posted online.

IMPS is a Star Wars fan movie project by the same guys who did the hilarious Cops-style spoof, Troops. Standing for Imperial Military Personnel Stories, the first Chapter was released to much acclaim back in 2005, but the follow up chapters took a long time to develop. Since the series is essentially a labour of love between fans, prop makers and professional effects and CGI creators, work commitments often get in the way of making the series.

The makers plan to release eight chapters in total, each of about 25 minutes run time, and hopefully the third chapter won't take quite so long.

IMPS documents the day to day operations of an Imperial Carrier Group, smashing rebels and keeping the galactic peace. If you've not yet seen the first chapter, you can watch it here - and it's well worth it.

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