Tilera releases a 100 core processor

Tilera releases a 100 core processor

Tilera has announced a new family of four processors, which includes one it claims is the first with 100 cores.

The TILE-Gx family includes the TILE-Gx100 which has 100 cores - more than you can shake a stick at - and claims to offer the highest performance of any microprocessor yet announced by a factor of four. The company says it is available with 16, 36, 64 and 100 cores.

Tilera claims the TILE-Gx range is low on the juice, taking performance-per-watt to new levels with ten times better compute efficiency compared to Intel's next generation Westmere chips.

According to the outfit, it simplified everything by devising its own Multicore Development Environment.

This environment is based around a two-dimensional Imesh interconnect, which eliminates the need for an on-chip bus, and a Dynamic Distributed Cache system allows each core's local cache to be shared coherently across the entire chip.

It apparently means that the chip's performance can scale linearly with the number of cores on the chip.

The TILE-Gx processor family, fabricated using TSMC's 40nm process, operates at up to 1.5GHz with power consumption ranging from 10W to 55W.

No word on pricing yet.


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