Mobile phone media centre mod is awesome

Mobile phone media centre mod is awesome

An expert mod, and dripping with creativity.

Modding isn't always done for the purpose of making things the easy way, and while taking to your sidepanel with a pair of tinsnips might give you a pretty quick n' dirty window there are many other ways to make it look good - and metku's latest mod is the equivalent of a jewel-encrusted crystal sheet.

Built into a Nokia Mobira Talkman mobile phone from 1984, itself an awkwardly large black box with carry handle and corded handset (though still looking rather neat), a mini-ITX mobo, harddrive, OLED screen, soundcard, wifi, USB hub, mic and speakers were all packed into this now-ancient mobile device.

It's about the tightest fit you could ever imagine, with barely any free space left inside the device proper, and while it isn't the beefiest specs imaginable it's got more than enough grunt to run that screen - at a 128x128 res it isn't huge.

This is the kind of high-quality mod that makes everyone around seriously jealous, and harkens back to the days of putting tech in places it never was intended for.

Head over to metku mods for nine pages of glorious pics, and post below with your tech-lust for this neat little mod.


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