Data centres have carbon footprint bigger than countries

Data centres have carbon footprint bigger than countries

The world's data centres are producing more carbon emissions than countries and must be more efficient warned Samsung at a press conference today..

Jim Elliott, vice president of Memory Marketing at Samsung said that worldwide carbon emissions were currently more than the carbon footprint of The Netherlands and Argentina based on current data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Data centres are producing more CO2 that countries,” said Jim Elliot, vice president of Memory Marketing at Samsung.

He said that the two big energy saving technologies were solid state drives (SSD) and DDR3 memory, since they used less power and enabled more efficient servers.

He called the two technologies “a dynamic duo” in energy efficiency.

SSDs produce very little heat in processing data he said, and would cut air conditioning costs down dramatically. DDR3 could be run on a lower voltage and save on energy costs.

US companies, or those with a manufacturing base in the country, should seek to get into green technology he said.

“There is $77.6bn in the stimulus package for green energy and technology,” he said.

Investing in technology made not only environmental sense but also meant saving space an dpower by upgrading.

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