Run Linux like a Mac!

Run Linux like a Mac!

Free as a bird, shiny as a fresh penny!

Linux users who want to run their computers so that they look like Macs can pick up this Mac4Lin distribution here.

Designed by Anirudh Acharya of San Diego, California, Mac4Lin looks like the real thing. Only instead of a fully blessed by Steve Jobs Leopard OS X under the bonnet, it runs something which is not proprietary and is free.

Mac4Lin supports GNOME 2.26 and is backwards compatible. It is unlikely to appeal to the Linux purist, who probably wouldn't stoop to stick anything like a Windows 7 look on Linux either.

However it should appeal to those who want to sail up the nasal passages of Mac fanbois by having something Applish running on a PC that did not cost a king's ransom to look that way. Not that we know any people like that - nosiree!

You can probably run it on better hardware, too.

Okay, we're stopping now.

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