Google adds to location tracking services

Google adds to location tracking services

Google is adding new location-sharing features to its Google Talk and Gmail services..

The company on Monday said that it would be adding the mobile tracking feature which had previously been limited to the Google Latitude service. The new component will display the user's location as the user's status on the Talk or Gmail service.

Additionally, the company is offering the Public Location Badge service, which automatically lists information about the user on a blog or web site. Users will have the option of limiting the status to a specific city, or provide more detailed information on their whereabouts.

The new services are based on Latitude, a service the company launched in February which allows users to track friends and family through their mobile phones. Aside from connecting with friends, many have suggested that the service could have uses in the enterprise as well.

Like the Latitude service, the new location services will be part of the Google Mobile application suite. The company hopes that the new features will expand on the base of users who adopted Latitude.

"One frequent request was to allow you to share your location with even more people and not just your Latitude friends," wrote Google software engineer Rohan Seth.

"Today, we're launching two applications that do just that."

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