Macbook "unremoveable" battery is a doddle to replace

 Macbook "unremoveable" battery is a doddle to replace

It turns out Apple's new 17in MacBook Pro is easier to pull apart, and possibly even replace the battery, than first thought

Apple fanboys will be crying into their non-fat soya Lattes today if they wander over to Ifixit as the hooligans who run the joint have managed to get their paws on a brand spanking new 17-inch Apple Macbook Pro... and pulled the thing to bits.

But there's no need to worry too much. This wasn't done in some Farrellesque fit of anti-Apple psychosis... it was done in the name of science.

Going just a bit further than your average unboxing, the Ifixit crowd have stripped the unfortunate lappy down to its component parts revealing one or two little surprises.

The biggest of which is, the built in battery is easily accessible, requiring the tinkerer to remove just the 13 Philips screws which hold the bottom cover in place, and the three tri-wing security screws which hold the battery in place.

Apparently it's even possible to pull out the Apple-supplied battery without damaging the scary warranty warning label.

The battery itself is pretty huge, weighing in at 570 grams, about 20 per cent of the computer's total weight.

So it's only a matter of time before third party manufacturers start churning out replacement batteries, which might be a bit of a dodgy business to get into if Apple's estimated lifecycle of 1,000 charges is to be believed.

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