Counting cards at Blackjack is easy with your iPhone

Counting cards at Blackjack is easy with your iPhone

Las Vegas casinos have been put on alert, as card counting apps appear on the iPhone. Winning big may be as easy as turning on your phone.


If your math needs help and you don't have a team of expert MIT students waiting around on-hand to learn a bunch of complex signals (ala '21 / Bringing down the house'), but you're still keen to count cards and win big at blackjack, then you might be surprised to learn that all you need is an iPhone and the right app.


According to a recent report in the Las Vegas Review Journal, casinos were tipped off when the first appearance of the Blackjack card counting app made its appearance at an Northern California Indian casino.  The report found that when casino operators discovered the sneaky little tool, they alerted the appropriate authorities.

Ironically, card-counting is not considered a felony in Vegas on its own - but you'll need incredible smarts and memory for it if you try. But in conjunction with a card counting device, such as an iPhone, the laws are very clear that you can be detained for it and arrested.

Mobile phones are currently banned at certain World Series poker tournaments. We imagine it will be difficult for casinos to police the use of iPhones at casino gambling tables, but it could just be a matter of time before all phones are similarly banned around blackjack in casinos.


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