The ULTIMATE Dawn of War 2 competition

The ULTIMATE Dawn of War 2 competition

Win your very own Dawn of War 2 Space Marine! - Now with more pics!

There's a famous saying regarding the Space Marines of Dawn of War and the Warhammer 40,000 universe, that I think aptly illustrate their kick-arsedness.

There is less than one Space Marine for every world in the Imperium of Man.
And yet... they are enough.

And THQ and Atomic is giving you the chance to win one of them!

Yes, you can help be responsible for protecting your own small patch of the Imperium by entering this competion and then placing this eight foot tall Marine statue where it can do the most good. This might be in your study, looking over you while you pwn online in DoW2. It could be in your loungeroom, where it'll scare the points off of you every bleary-eyed morning until you remember it's there and not real, or, if you're a real Warhammer geek, in your games room, looking over your collection of little toy men and tanks.

This is quite possibly one of the coolest and most unique giveaways we've ever offered at Atomic - I mean, it's EIGHT FOOT TALL MARINE. If you want your chance, simply go to our competitions page, register your details for the comp, and answer the easy question.

In the meantime, check out the attached gallery for a look at this awesomely power-armoured prize. For the Emperor!


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