Ex Microsoft Vista chief unveils debut solo album

Ex Microsoft Vista chief unveils debut solo album

Ex-Vista boss Jim Allchin is taking pre-release orders of his debut rock album from Amazon, proving there’s life after Vista.

According to a report over at TechFlash, Allchin, the former head honcho who oversaw the development of Microsoft Vista, has decided to trade computer code and business meetings for a Fender Strat and power chords.

Allchin's debut album is titled 'Enigma', which could also be a way to describe the Vista operating system we think.

Allchin's homepage contains the usual rags to riches rock'n'roll story and describes his poor childhood on the farm, his college years where he left home to study mathematics and computer science, to his glory days at Microsoft where he found infamy managing the Vista OS.

Allchin describes a couple of life lessons in his bio, which work perfectly for the adult rock genre, including homespun oldies like; 'The more you know, the more you don't know'. Is that a Vista reference Jim?

 A sample page of Allchin's master work can be heard here. If you're really into that smooth, adult contemporary rock sound - you can even make an preorder on Amazon.

Track titles include a mixture of ballads, each with original sounding names for a pop tune, including: I'm about to fall, Let's play, I'm your man, You're Leavin, and the Beatles inspired 'Take a Chance on Love'.

Surprisingly, there aren't any songs called 'Viva La Vista' or "I love you Vista'. Looks like a missed oppurtunity to us.

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