Last call: Conroy blog turns off comments today

Last call: Conroy blog turns off comments today

The government’s blogging team says it will “reflect on the many lessons learned” after punters posted more than 1,500 comments, mostly about Internet filters.

If you haven’t had your say on the government’s proposed Internet filters, then today looks like it will be your last chance (well, to rant anonymously via an official government blog, that is).

In a remarkably friendly post – considering the outpouring of heated comments on the site – the blogging team said yesterday that “This is the last post and we will be turning off comments across all topics at 3 pm tomorrow.”

Thankfully, the government is actually entertaining the idea of future online “engagement efforts”, despite this one not exactly generating a flood of support. The Internet can be a cold, cruel place at the best of times, and when it’s ISP filtering you’re spruiking, then things are bound to get a little ugly.

ISP filtering to begin mid-January
In related news, the ISP “live pilot” trials of Internet filtering will begin later than expected. A media release from Senator Conroy’s office says the controversial trial won’t begin until mid-January.

While several ISPs including iiNet and Optus have indicated willingness to take part, some are reportedly waiting for a response from the government. Senator Conroy’s office says an announcement regarding participants will be made in mid January when the pilot begins.
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