CES 2009 is nearly here

CES 2009 is nearly here

And we’re gearing up for more HD TVs, laptops, cameras, wireless devices that Las Vegas and CES 2009 can throw at us. Yes, we’re going to Vegas.

It’s billed as the world’s biggest technology expo, come January 8 to 11 we’ll be there on the show floor with more than 2,500 exhibitors at CES 2009.

While the financial meltdown and exit of Apple from future Macworld events has put something of a dampener on the mega-technology expo, the buzz is still strong around this coming CES.

The organisers are obviously keen to dispel any notion that the usually gargantuan event will be anything but extravagant. Among the fancy numbers being bandied around, including a predicted 2,700 exhibitors, is this gem – apparently it would take 11,081,938 Blu-ray discs “lined up side by side to fill the 1.7 million square feet of CES exhibit space.” Now that, we’d like to see.

Among the big players attending will be Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer, Intel’s Craig Barrett, Cisco’s John Chambers, to name a few.

But the big buzz will be about products – CES is the type of place where mere mortals gawp at the thought of owning an OLED screen, or Sony’s 240Hz TV. Among the hottest pre-show rumours are that Microsoft will unveil a Zune-phone, while graphics aficionados will be watching out for Nvidia’s GTX295.

Along with most of the world’s tech media, we’ll be travelling to Vegas and reporting on the latest products from the show floor. For a peek at what technology’s in store for 2009, including lots of photos, follow our CES coverage online at PC Authority.
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