Why Australians are feeling the love for Telstra

Why Australians are feeling the love for Telstra

Telstra BigPond's decision not to take part in controversial Internet filtering trials could win it new friends.

Depending on which way you look at it, the Rudd government's Internet filtering trial is either:

A: a sensible best-we-can-do effort to stem the tide of porn scrambling kiddies brains, or,

B: An ill conceived attempt at censorship that will clog the Internet and ruin the fun for everyone.

Given that Australian ISPs seem to have mixed opinions about the idea, with Internode opting against it, while iiNet jumps into the fray, it will be interesting to see what happens now that the big Kahuna, aka Telstra, has decided not to take part in the trials.

We've already heard how the plan will slow down your connection, how it doesn't work, and how it's ideologically up the nose of many Net users who don't like knowing that someone might decide to fiddle with their connection (so to speak). On top of all that, with a little know-how you can even bypass the filters.

As our friends at iTnews have reported, Telstra has stated it is not in a position to take part. The carrier pointed to security software and existing Internet content guidelines from the ACMA that are used to deal with inappropriate material. Telstra executive Greg Wynn has reportedly described the plan as like "trying to boil the ocean".

This is bound to please various groups rallying against the filtering plans, including GetUp and NoCleanFeed.com.

With ISPs already under pressure from copyright police keen on hunting music and video file sharers, it looks like Internet privacy is about to get interesting in 2009.
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