Hacker's song hits Myspace charts

Hacker's song hits Myspace charts

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has stormed into the Myspace charts with a music video about his empathy for a girl with the world on her shoulders.

Called Only a fool, and owing something to soulful house boys Cabaret Voltaire, the song reached number five in the myspace video chart within 48 hours of being posted.

In it, Gary gives us an idea how he has sustained his resolve through six years of court battles against an extradition order to face hacking charges in the US.

"Don't stop don't say it don't matter," he sings, "If it ain't easy, try harder; Only a fool would let it go." It is a heartfelt statement of solidarity for the lovelorn, the dejected, dispirited and lost people of the world.

Gary has himself struggled to keep his head up throughout his years fighting hacking charges that US prosecutors say should land him 70 years in prison. And was in the summer diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

The US has labelled him a terrorist who shut down military computer networks. He has said he was a UFO enthusiast looking for evidence and didn't do any harm. He did, however, leave messages on US government computers that taunted it for its warmongering foreign policy.

Having gone through the district, appeal and high courts in the UK, and been rejected by the European Court of Human Rights, Gary's legal team has appealed for a judicial review of his extradition.

A Parliamentary petition for Gary to serve his sentence in the UK if he is found guilty in a US court has received 20 signatures.

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