Mandriva unveils Linux for netbooks

Mandriva unveils Linux for netbooks

Mandriva Mini optimised for key netbook platforms such as Intel's Atom.

Linux publisher Mandriva has unveiled a version of its platform designed specifically for the new breed of mini laptops.

Mandriva Mini is aimed primarily at vendors of so-called 'netbooks', and is customised for this category of small form factor device, Mandriva said.

It features a fast boot-up, comprehensive connectivity support and multimedia codecs, and is adapted to work on key netbook platforms such as Intel's Atom.

Unlike Windows, which powers many mini laptops, Linux versions such as Mandriva Mini are customised for a small footprint and efficient power management, and have user interfaces adapted to smaller display screens.

"We are very proud to bring to the market a product which answers the needs of OEMs and ODMs and we are busy distributing it to clients and prospective clients," said Mandriva chief executive François Bancilhon.

Mandriva previously offered a customised version of its 2008 Spring release for the Asus Eee PC, and was a distributor of Linux for Intel's Classmate PC initiative.

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