Telstra's 3G push moves to the home

Telstra's 3G push moves to the home

Wireless broadband is getting a significant push into the homes of Australians, with the new Telstra Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway to offer Next-G broadband and WiFi networking.

In what some might say is a surprising move, Telstra is pushing broadband to family homes "without the need for a fixed line".

The Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway combines Next-G wireless broadband, WiFi and Ethernet. While the device is being pushed as a way for business to take wireless broadband on the road, Telstra also says it's suitable for families wanting to network their homes and share the Internet.

The introduction of 3G into fixed home routers has been happening for a while, though relatively quietly. Telstra's Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway is being launched jointly with Netcomm, who also revealed plans for voice-capable 3G routers earlier this year, with a port for plugging in a phone. It's not clear yet whether Telstra's Turbo 7 device will offer the same feature.

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