Is the Eee PC 1000H overpriced?

Is the Eee PC 1000H overpriced?

The Eee PC1000H grows an inch, packs twice the battery power of its predecessor and might finally have a keyboard worth typing on. But is $699 too much to pay?

Make no mistake, you should check out the Eee 1000H, if only for the bigger 10 inch screen and improved keyboard. But the $699 asking price - while not the most expensive on the market - has us wondering again about the price of Eee PC style ultraportables.

For less money, you can go to almost any retailer these days and get a 15.4” Acer or Compaq, equipped with a 2.0Gz Celeron for $499 after cashback.

To make things even more interesting, the Eee 1000H just received a massive price cut in the United States, where after only two weeks of release, was reduced by $100. Wait, does that mean we get a price decrease in two weeks time too?

Enough about me the specs
Perhaps by now, you’re already tired of hearing about the Eee PC. We know, we know – it sometimes feels like the Eee PC has more incarnations and variations than a Bob Dylan cover tune. Let’s see now, there’s the Eee 700, 701, 702, 900, 901, 1000 and finally the 1000H. But cheer up, because the new Eee 1000H actually looks like a winner.

The bigger 10.2” screen is welcome step up from 8.9inch squint territory. Boasting an impressive 80GB HDD, the 1000H looks like it was designed to fend off geek interest from the newly released MSI wind, which scored rather well in our First Look test.

The Eee PC 1000H has a decent resolution display at 1024x600 (WSVGA) and ASUS is claiming a huge battery increase over the 900 models, up to 4.5 hours (the 900 lasted about 2.5 hours in our tests). The increased battery life probably owes a great deal to the new Atom CPU, and ‘Super Hybrid Engine’, which allows users to tweak CPU voltage and LCD settings to minimise power usage and maximise battery efficiency.

And finally, thanks to a miracle by either the Pope or the Asus geek squad, it looks like the new Eee finally contains a keyboard that won’t increase your risk of premature arthritis. But all bets are off until we get our first look.

Batman would insist on this colour.
Batman would insist on this colour.
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