Intel focuses on graphics and games

Intel focuses on graphics and games

You may not have heard of the X4500HD graphics accelerator, but Intel is pushing interest as momentum behind the Intel 4 Series chipset increases.

Intel has established a website to drive interest in its upcoming graphics technology among visual content and games developers and promote Larrabee, it has announced.

In a statement, Intel said, "Supporting the new Intel 4 Series chipset family introduced at Computex, Intel has launched the Intel Visual Computing Developer Community, a technical resource to enable developers... to create innovative graphics and video applications."

Intel's 4 Series chipset line includes the G45 Express chipset and the GMA X4500HD graphics accelerator that support Microsoft DirectX 10 gaming graphics software technology and Blu-ray 1080p high-definition video viewing.

Chipzilla's new graphics developers' resources website will push its new Larrabee graphics technology effort and offers videos, white papers, discussion forums, weblogs and wikis.

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