Apple sues Big Apple in logo spat

New York City defends use of entirely different image of an apple.

Apple has launched a legal action against the state of New York, claiming that a new design for an environmental campaign in New York City infringes on its logo.

The GreeNYC campaign is aimed at cutting the carbon emissions of the city by 30 per cent by 2030.

But court filings (PDF) reveal that Apple has protested at the design, which uses a stylised apple with a stalk, insisting that it is "likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception in the minds of consumers".

The filing also claims that the logo is likely to erode Apple's image.

Apple is one of the on the planet and marketers value it at billions of dollars.

New York City has filed a counterclaim (PDF) stating that there is no conflict with the Apple logo.

A series of surveys will be undertaken to see whether consumers have trouble distinguishing between the two logos.

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