Buying a laptop: Intel's mobile Penryn is here

Buying a laptop: Intel's mobile Penryn is here

New Centrino refresh includes "Deep Power Down" and Intel's much-hyped SSE4 instructions.

- New mobile Penryn processors
- Promises faster performance, without power drain
- New C6 sleep state uses 95% less power
- Improved graphics performance with SSE4

The company has launched five new mobile Penryn processors, although the high-end Extreme Edition chip won't arrive until later this year. The other four are appearing in laptops now, including the Zepto Znote 6625WD.

The new chips will give laptops an immediate performance boost, without adding to the processor's power drain, according to Intel. "You'll see a modest 5-12% improvement in performance," Karen Regis, marketing manager for mobile products at Intel said. "We're just at the beginning at the ramp of Penryn."

Regis claims the 47 new SSE4 instructions will significantly improve performance in graphics intensive applications. "These applications will benefit from a 20, 30 or 40% performance improvement," she claims.

Video encoding and 3D graphics remain one of the main reasons why people opt for desktop processing power, rather than a laptop. But Intel claims it's not worried about eating into its desktop market. "We don't see extreme gamers giving up their desktops," says Regis. "Lots of gamers will have a laptop they take to LAN parties, but we don't think we're cannibalising the desktop market."

The Santa Rosa refresh also sees the introduction of a new sleep state, called C6. Intel decided C6 sounded too much like "sea sick", so it's decided to rename it Deep Power Down State. This new state completely powers down the the Level 2 cache, so that the sleep mode consumes 95% less power than the laptop would do whilst remaining on idle.

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