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Issue: 173 | April, 2012

About PC & Tech Authority Magazine:

Australia's premier computer magazine, PC Authority gives you the facts, opinions and insight to make informed PC and tech purchasing decisions. Every issue is packed with the latest products, reviewed by an expert team of technical writers and guarantees more Aussie exclusives and first looks than any other Australian PC magazine.

Trusted for its reliable & objective product reviews, the foundation of the magazine is the comprehensive and thorough evaluations of every product tested by the tech team in our Labs. Its readers are both PC enthsusiasts at home and small-medium business decision makers at work.

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Your Windows laptop is now a brick

Thinking it's time you got a new laptop this year? Then this issue is an absolute must-read. We've taken the new breed of laptops for 2012 - Ultrabooks - and put them through our torture tests to see which is best.  We also have photos showing inside the guts of the hardware, analysis from John Gillooly, benchmark results, specs, prices….it's a big special.


PC, Mac, PC, Mac, PC, Mac

Flame wars aside, it's more common these days to own both hardware. This month we show you tips for the discerning Mac/PC owner - how to migrate a PC to a Mac, running Windows on a Mac, adding Macs to your network, transferring your iPhone or iPad to a new Mac.


That burning sensation


…is the Speed Test redlining as we clocked 40,000kbps with the first 4G phone we've tested. You've read the hype, you've seen the advertisements, now get the real test data on how Telstra 4G performs on HTC's Velocity phone. It's good, but there's a few things to keep in mind.


Roll your sleeves up

One for those willing to get out the tools. We look at converting an old PC into a spanking new media PC.


Systems: cool fans, cool temps

This month the new member of the team Matt Wilson tells what he knows about 3-pin fans, molex plugs, big fans, small fans, noise levels, a recommended RPM range, mounting fans - it's a lot of useful info you can apply to many PC builds.


In the Labs


Just like every month, you get a shopping guide full of expert advice on printers, monitors, graphics cards, tablets, phones, SSDs, keyboards, speakers and software. Our reviews look past the hype and give you the warts and all.


Flash, microSD, SSD


We're putting more and more data ion these little things - including our most important files. But are they all created equal?


Tutorials - Using a VPN, learn HTML5


By the time you've finished reading, you'll have a headstart on setting up a secure Internet link to the office, and the basics of creating a simple web page in the latest language of HTML.


Demo: Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

We have a soft spot for Bond - somehow this tactical assault title involving an island, evil dictator, and private military evokes the right atmosphere.



A free full version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 on the DVD, great reads on topics like LTE, telcos, Office 365, and all about a special coating that repels water to keep your phone or tablet dry.

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What's on the Disc?

We have a soft spot for Bond - somehow this tactical assault title involving an island, evil dictator, and private military evokes the right atmosphere. Get the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action demo with this month's magazine DVD

Articles in this issue

A tiny microSD USB key

Mini USB drives like these are handy because they're less prone to getting knocked around. This one is a bit different.

Acer Aspire S3 review: a budget Ultrabook with plenty of appeal

Despite being the cheapest Ultrabook on the market, Acer's Aspire S3 is a solid, unshowy performer with serious low-budget appeal.

Asus Zenbook UX21 review: a good value Ultrabook that's pretty yet powerful

Despite plenty of room for improvement, Asus' adorable Zenbook UX21 is an 11.6in Ultrabook with an obvious allure.

Asus Zenbook UX31 review: striking and powerful, if pricey

Asus' latest addition to the Ultrabook is sleek, attractive and lightning-quick. Find out why it was Labs Winner in our Ultrabook group test.

Buffalo MiniStation USB 3.0 portable drive review

See how the Buffalo MiniStation fares against other USB 3.0 portable hard drives on the market.

Dell XPS 13 review: Dell's first Ultrabook is here and it's built superbly

Classy, understated and brimming with potential, Dell has conjured up an industry-leading Ultrabook with its XPS 13.

How to build your own media centre

Music, movies, live TV and more -- a media PC can be the heart of your entertainment system. We show you how to set one up.

HP TopShot Laserjet Pro M275 review: an all-in-one laserjet for

An innovative take on the all-in-one, but a mini photo studio on top of a printer is extremely niche.

Lenovo Ideapad U300S review: a stylish Ultrabook that ticks most boxes

Understated elegance married with decent performance, but the dim display sees it dropping down the Ultrabook ranks.

Product brief: Corsair K90 Keyboard, our favourite letter input device

We put Corsair's top-of-the-range mechanical keyboard through its paces.

Product brief: Intel SSD 520 240GB, faster speeds, longer warranty

Intel's latest SSD range offers faster read/write speeds and a longer warranty. We put the 520 240GB model through its paces.

Product Brief: Microlab FC360 speakers, cheap and easy to setup

If you just want a reasonably affordable set of speakers, sometimes simple is best. Like these Microlab FC360 speakers.

Product brief: Samsung SSD 830 Series, class-leading performance at a price

The Samsung SSD 830 Series boasts blistering read and write speeds, but it's not the best-value SSD on the market.

Product brief: Thermaltake Ultra Slim 95W Universal Laptop AC Power Adapter

Thermaltake's latest laptop AC power adapter works best as an additional device for emergencies.

Samsung Series 9 900X3A review: sleek but expensive

A precursor to real Ultrabooks, Samsung's Series 9 is gorgeous and highly usable, but its price puts it out of contention.

Synology Diskstation DS110+ NAS review

Easy to use and with lots of useful features, but expensive.

System Builder: The way the wind blows

We explain why a steady air flow is just as important to your PC as it is to your lungs.

Tablet showdown: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs. Toshiba AT1S0

Don't dismiss the 7in form factor just yet -- we review two pocket tablets side by side.

Toshiba Portege Z830 reviewed

Toshiba's Ultrabook slims down to a class leading 1.09kg, yet still managers to cram in plenty of business-friendly features.

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review: an affordable monitor that doesn't skimp on ...

An efficient monitor with superb colour accuracy, but the backlight is disappointingly uneven.

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