Interview: Star Trek's John Cho

Interview: Star Trek's John Cho

Video: Our set of Trek interviews comes to an end with the future Captain of the USS Excelsior.

When Star Trek premiered at the Sydney Opera House earlier last month, we were there - and what an experience it was. But we were also there the next day to chat to the film's stars - we've already posted our interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, and one with Karl Urban - now you can watch our final interview, with John 'Sulu' Cho.

John's probably best known for his rather more comedic turn in the stoner comedy (and awesome Neil Patrick Harris vehicle) Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Sulu seemed an odd follow on choice, but as we found out, John's a serious young actor and we're looking forward to seeing him take the character in great new directions.

Thanks again to Chaos Lady for her excellent video-editing skills. 

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