Star Trek interview

Star Trek interview

AtomicTV: Atomic's first ever video interview sees David Hollingworth chatting with James T. Kirk and Commander Spock.

When Star Trek premiered at the Sydney Opera House earlier this month, we were there - and what an experience it was. But we were also there the next day to chat to the film's stars - and it was a totally terrifying, immensely cool day.

We spoke with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine first up - Spock and Kirk respectively. While the cameras were being set up, Chris and I chatted about local drinking spots and how hot Sydney women are. Then Zach joined us, and for the rest of the interview I simply did my best not to stare at his eyebrows.

They are made of something like hairy dwarf star matter - that's how dense they are. But I struggled through, and now, having finally seen the end product, I at least know to stop waving my arms all over the place - oh well, live and learn.

The final product, I think, is still pretty awesome, and I don't seem too terrified at all.


Stay tuned for interviews with Karl Urban (Dr Bones McCoy), who is just the nicest guy ever, and John Cho (Hikaru Sulu) over the next week or so. And big mad GIANT kudos to forum denizen Chaos_Lady who did the edit and made sure I didn't look like a complete tool. 

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