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Editor's Note

This week, the headlines were dominated by the release of the iPad 3 -- sorry, we mean "iPad". Whatever you want to call it, we think that Apple's new iPad is a winner. Read our first impressions and find the best deals from telcos, retailers and online stores in our coverage below.

In other news, Samsung finally brought its tablet/phone hybrid, the Galaxy Note, to Australia. See all the photos from the launch below. We also pit 12 dual-band routers against each other in our latest hardware group test. Plus: 5 of the best luxury smartphones -- for people who have more money than sense.

Also be sure to check out the latest tech deals, iPhone apps and viral videos from the past seven days. Happy reading.

Chris Jager,
Online journalist

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iPad buying guide: where to get it
by Chris Jager | March 16, 2012

Planning to buy the new iPad? Here's a rundown of availability and pricing from Australia's telcos and retail stores.

Intel Ivy Bridge to arrive in April?
by Luke Edwards | March 16, 2012

Reports suggest the Ivy Bridge processor will be arriving in April, including Core i7s and a Core i5 chip.

5 of the best luxury smartphones
by Luke Edwards | March 15, 2012

Are standard phones too proletarian for your tastes? Throw some cash at these wallet-sucking wonder mobiles…

51 percent of internet traffic is non-human
by Luke Edwards | March 16, 2012

You are not alone online, in fact your are outnumbered, by machines.

Colossus: the world’s first programmable computer
by Paddy Smith | March 11, 2012

Although others are often given the credit, Bletchley Park’s top-secret Colossus was the real pioneer of modern computing.

Valve's console goes up in steam
by Luke Edwards | March 11, 2012

All steam and no hardware news from Valve as it clarifies new UI is coming, but no console.

Future tech: 64 core processors from HP
by Luke Edwards | March 9, 2012

Integrated photonics could make processors up to six times faster and far more power efficient.

IBM Holey Optochip can transfer 500 HD films a second
by Luke Edwards | March 9, 2012

IBM has managed to transfer a terabyte of information a second simply by drilling a few holes in a chip.

Geek chic: steampunk Portal gun
by Esat Dedezade | March 9, 2012

Ever wondered what a Victorian-era Portal gun would look like?

19 top applications and downloads from the past 7 days
by Mark Wilson | March 11, 2012

Last week saw plenty of new software updates and downloads hit the web: snap up at the ones you missed here.

Repartition your hard drive in Windows 8 with EaseUS Partition Master 9.1.1
by Nick Peers | March 11, 2012

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a free partition manager with support for Windows 8. Get it here.

How to: Install iPhoto and iMovie on your original iPad
by Luke Edwards | March 12, 2012

Although the first gen iPad isn’t supposed to run them, there’s an easy way to get the newest app on the oldest iPad.

Find out what’s new in Firefox 11 FINAL
by Nick Peers | March 13, 2012

Firefox 11 FINAL is available now for desktop and is coming soon for Android. Find out what's new and get the download here.

Canon's 4K-capable EOS DSLR readied to launch?
by Sophie Charara | March 13, 2012

What's Canon got up its cinema sized sleeve this time?

Future tech: 3D translator avatars
by Luke Edwards | March 13, 2012

Microsoft has already developed the kit to create an avatar that'll speak 26 different languages – with your face and voice.

iPad, Android users: Get your digital magazine here
by William Maher | March 13, 2012

Haven't downloaded the April iPad and Android editions of PC & Tech Authority? See what you're missing out on.

Best iPhone apps this week (13/03/12)
by Sophie Charara | March 14, 2012

Who needs a new iPad when your iPhone can download this lot?

Report says Asus Zenbook UX31A and UX21A Ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge incoming
by Lucy Hedges | March 14, 2012

Asus' line of Ultrabooks sound like they're being readied for an Ivy Bridge refresh

Fingerprint killer: Sony Xperia Sola debuts 'floating touch' navigation
by Stephen Graves | March 14, 2012

Sony's latest smartphone tech lets you browse the internet by hovering your finger over the screen.

Toshiba launches new Windows tablet in Australia
by Allie Coyne | March 14, 2012

The Atom-powered Toshiba WT200 will be Windows 8-capable and is being geared towards businesses.

HTC rolls out Ice Cream Sandwich to 16 smartphones – when's yours due?
by Lucy Hedges | March 15, 2012

Find out which HTC smartphones made the Ice Cream Sandwich update cut...

Samsung releases Galaxy Note to Australians
by Allie Coyne | March 14, 2012

Announces local pricing and availability.

First impressions: iPad 2 vs new iPad
by Sophie Charara | March 16, 2012

So should you save some money or make the leap to Retina Display? Here are some first impressions of the new iPad compared with the iPad 2.

Bigger is better, say smartphone users
by Stephen Graves | March 16, 2012

The ideal smartphone size is 4.5in, according to mobile users in the US and UK.

Diablo III will finally be released on May 15th
by Esat Dedezade | March 16, 2012

Gamers finally have a date to circle on their calendars for the long-awaited third instalment in the Diablo series.

Tech deals: get Xara Xtreme 5 for free (RRP: $79.95)
by Mike Williams | March 16, 2012

Get this feature-packed photo and web design software, worth $79, for free this Friday.

Future tech: Unprinting
by Esat Dedezade | March 16, 2012

'Unprinting' is a technique developed in the UK which could redefine the way we recycle paper – by using heat to vaporise print and leaving the sheet ready for reuse.

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Group Tests

Group test: USB 3 hard disks
by Staff Writer | March 15, 2012

With a USB 3 hard disk, you can add huge amounts of superfast storage to your PC. We test 14 models in various capacities to help you choose the perfect drive.


The Vita: we get hands-on with Sony's new portable PlayStation
by Chris Jager | February 29, 2012

Read our first impressions of the PlayStation Vita.

Mechanical Switching explained
by John Gillooly | February 3, 2012

Beloved by gamers, the mechanical keyboard is making a comeback for users of all types – John Gillooly looks at the different varieties available.


How to: Upgrade your laptop's Wi-Fi adapter
by Staff Writer | March 5, 2012

Replacing a laptop's single-band wireless card is a lot simpler than you might think. We show you how it's done.

Broadband: testing your DNS speed
by David Fearon | February 28, 2012

Understanding DNS and how to change your settings, can speed up your web connection and improve security. David Fearon shows how it's done.

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