Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM


Superb image quality and design at a good price

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Price: $595
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Price $595
Manufacturer Samsung
Supplier Samsung
Dell’s 2408WFP has been on the A List for several months, largely because none of the cheaper monitors can match its winning combination of image quality and features. But Samsung’s new 2493HM shakes things up by bettering the Dell in several areas without breaking the $600 barrier.

The headline-grabbing figure is its 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, but in real-world use it’s the brightness that most impresses. The 400cd/m2 maximum is lower than that of the Asus, but side by side there’s only one winner. The Samsung’s whites are blinding, and while this does result in a slight bluish light bleed at the bottom of a black screen, we’ll take that compromise.

You can reduce this by lowering the brightness in the OSD, and the 2493HM makes use of a set of touch-sensitive buttons on the front. The colour tone is slightly warmer than the Dell, with a tiny tinge of magenta in our tinting test, making for vibrant movies and games. Crysis in particular had the perfect blend of sharpness, saturation and detail. It’s not as oversaturated as the other two premium LCDs, but that makes for far more natural colours.

We found this contrast made for superb results in our black-level test, with even the lowest grey tones visible on the black background. In the caves of Moria this translated to a tremendous level of detail, and every shadow and wrinkle from our test photos was reproduced. It’s a little less impressive at the top end, but if you sacrifice some brightness it can be remedied.

The design of the 2493HM is the best on show too, with the firm’s trademark glossy black bezel and rounded lines. The stand swivels almost a full circle, and lifts 100mm, tilting and pivoting 90 degrees, while the choice of HDMI, DVI or VGA inputs is enough for most users. Two USB ports on the stand cater for peripherals, and there’s a 3.5mm output to complement the solid 2W speakers.

The Dell may have all the bells and whistles, but with design and image quality like this for less than $600, the Samsung SM2493HM deservedly takes the crown this month.


This Review appeared in the September, 2008 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

Source: Copyright © PC Pro, Dennis Publishing

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Comments: 8
13 November 2008
Sounds nice, pity you can't buy one, no one has stock. Looks like it might be discontinued(?). Anyone have any suggestions about an alternative around the $500 mark?

Comment made about the PC Authority article:
Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM?
Superb image quality and design at a good price

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13 November 2008
It seems that ITEstate have it in stock, at under $500:
20 November 2008
Picked one up yesterday from umart under $500. Seems ok so far but one issue is the invisible menu buttons at the bottom of the bezel. May be there is a fault. Should these be backlit? Otherwise happy with colour etc for this price.
I think your mag should compare and rate consumer monitors against industry quality such as Eizo ColorEdge. This would give consumers a much better idea of overall quality.
20 November 2009
This 2493HM Monitor was released a year ago!
You cannot even buy one today as it is no longer available.
Why don't you put a 24" monitor on the A-list that people can actually buy?
20 November 2009
Um, Yoda?
The article was written a year ago.
genericstufff posted his comment on the 20/11/08.
Check the date at the top of the page.
5 December 2009
This is good for me :p
27 August 2010
I was not referring to genericstuff's comment.
My point was same as rex.withers - you cannot buy one.
If the A-list is going to be of any use to PC Authority readers who are potential buyers, it should only contain currently available products.

The 2493HM is still appearing on the A-list and the top 10 in August 2010!

BTW, I was so underwhelmed by the Samsung 2493HM that I sold it on eBay a few days after I bought it in 2008.
I replaced it with a 2443BW which has a far better picture.
27 August 2010

A name change I sense.

Lost is your old password?

I stand corrected 911TS.

I've tried drawing the attention of the management to the age of some of the stuff that haunts the "A" list with somewhat limited success.
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