Actual gameplay in a Crysis 2 trailer!

Actual gameplay in a Crysis 2 trailer!

Video: No dramaz, no children's songs, no lame hints at enemy boss characters. At last, a Crysis 2 trailer shows us what we've been waiting for: gameplay.

The latest trailer for Crysis 2 finally shows punters a bit of gameplay of the new urban-based alien-hunting shooter. About time!

And not only do we get to see the game in action - and it's looking pretty good - but we get to see a handful of new gameplay elements, like stealth takedowns, the new alien race in action, and the big boss that was revealed to us in the last trailer, the 'pinger'.

And it's a lot bigger than we thought! That looks like a nasty beast. As opposed to the big alien dudes with shields, who look like they've been stolen straight out of Halo. Oh well.

For all that this is meant to be a more open and vertical game, it's still looking remarkably linear. We saw this level demoed live at E3, and the game world really doesn't seem all that open. Guess we'll find out later this year, when the game releases.

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