Nokia launches Point & Find

Nokia launches Point & Find

Your camphone will be excited – a new beta version of Nokia's Point & Find service has gone live

Nokia has introduced a beta version of its long-awaited Point & Find service (being launched first in the UK and US), which allows users to access information on the move by snapping a picture of a real life object on their phone's camera.

It might sound like an April Fool's joke, but this is the real deal: the service combines image and GPS data to source information on the object (via your mobile's web connectivity), which it then delivers to you.

For example, if you snap a movie poster on your N95 you'll be inundated with trailers, reviews and showing time information - and it'll even give you directions to the cinema. Alternatively, scan a product barcode using the camera and Point & Find will show you the cheapest prices for that product online.

You can give the service a whirl by heading over to the Point & Find website.

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