Best bit about Toshiba NB100 mini notebook?

Best bit about Toshiba NB100 mini notebook?

There's no annoyingly quirky keyboard. Finger's crossed, but Toshiba's pint-sized mini NB100 notebook looks like it will be a class act when it arrives.

Just days after the arrival of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (see our review here), the first pics of Toshiba's new mini-marvel are appearing, and the unit looks classy.

We're particularly impressed by what seems to be a very traditional-looking keyboard. Easy-to-use keyboards are doubly important on these tiny notebooks, which can to difficult to type on if you're used to a 15in or 17in model.

The pics show the NB100 keyboard uses up every bit of available width, and there's also a row of function keys - something missing from the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

We're yet to see the keys up close, but in the pics they look closer to the standard keyboard type, unlike some of the quirky keyboard styles we've seen of late.

Dell's Mini Inspiron Mini 9 does a relatively good job with abnormally sized keys, while HP's Mini-Note 2133 has a flat-type keyboard, without the usual-sized gaps between the keys. Then there's Sony's love-them-or-hate-them Vaio keyboards, which are very flat with large gaps between the keys.

Toshiba is yet to announce local availability, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

The specs are similar to what we've already seen from several ultraportable vendors - Intel Atom, 1GB RAM, 8.9in screen. The NB100 will also reportedly come in three colours.

The Toshiba NB100 won't be a pain to type on, we hope.
The Toshiba NB100 won't be a pain to type on, we hope.

The Toshiba NB100 in black
The Toshiba NB100 in black
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