Nokia E71 says hello to the Blackberry Bold/iPhone

Nokia E71 says hello to the Blackberry Bold/iPhone

One of the smartphones the Bold is up against is Nokia's new E71, which hits the market today. The E71 is interesting for a couple of reasons.

First it's a full QWERTY keyboard phone, and incredibly slim, which puts it in direct competition with the Blackberry Bold, and in the must-see category for heavy emailers/texters.

A smartphone that's actually responsive
The E71 is also incredibly responsive. We've been using Nokia's 6220 Classic, another new to market smartphone, and we've found some serious lag when using the onscreen menus. Not so here. The E71 flies, with instant responses to menu selections, and even switching modes completely with only minimal lag.

A business phone, that's also for the day off
Nokia is taking a slightly more consumer approach with its latest smartphones, despite the heavy-duty business features like the QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA wireless, office apps, and Intellisync/Exchange work email access. The phone is available in white, and there's also two modes for work and home.

Bigger Battery
Open the back of the E71 and the other thing you'll notice is a large battery - Nokia is claiming 17 days standby on GSM. The camera's only 3.2MP, so it won't ruffle the feathers of the 6220, but otherwise, this is a fully-equipped device, with WiFi and A-GPS.

One email interface to rule them allInterestingly, Nokia mentioned that they will be introducing a single email interface for all email accounts in the future (currently Gmail accounts look different to Exchange accounts when viewed on the E71).

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